Austin Electrolysis and Skin Therapy Clinic

The Austin Electrolysis and Skin Therapy Clinic is all about promoting healthy skin treatments and care. Christine believes that if you have to damage or harm the skins tissues with the use of harsh chemicals and/or ingredients in order to see the body heal it's self to produce a better look to the surface of the skin, that it is not a natural or healthy treatment. Her goal is to promote healthy skin through more natural treatments and products to support the continued growth of healthy and glowing looking skin. Exfoliation is the first line of defense against aging. And this starts with a daily routine of using a wash cloth twice daily that has a slightly scratchy effect to the skin. As we age our skin cells do not fall off as quickly or on daily rate as they did when we were children. For some reason they seem to think that they need to cling to us for dear life, giving our skin a very dull and dreary appearance. A daily massage with a regular dry wash cloth also promotes more circulation of blood to the skin also promoting a healthy glow and wards off early aging. Healthy skin starts from the inside out - not the outside in - as the beauty world wants you to think. A plentiful daily supply of fruits, raw veggies and nuts and drinking plenty of water goes a long way to promote healthy skin. A high quality grade of Essential Oils inside and outside is also a secret to maintain your overall health. With the added help of your Esthetician and healthy non-destructive treatments anyone can age gracefully and beautifully.