Electrolysis: Does It Work

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA.

There are three modalities that an Electrologist uses to destroy the papilia (which is the hair growth center). The papilia sits at the bottom of the hair shaft in the follicle and is the center of life for the hair. The Electrologist does not destroy the follicle. A follicle is only the opening into the skin. Follicles have other functions and do not produce hair.

Three Modalities of Electrolysis


The Galvanic modality destroys the papilia of the hair by an electric current using the moisture and salt in the follicle, creating a lye solution and forcing it down the follicle to the papilia. Galvanic is the slowest modality of Electrolysis but it is the most effective.

Thermolysis and Flash Thermolysis

The Thermolysis modality uses a high frequency current that destroys the papilia with heat.


The Blend modality combines the two currents of Galvanic and Thermolysis. This is a very effective modality on certain types of hair and skin. The high frequency heats up the action of the formation of lye increasing the effectiveness of the lye in a shorter amount of time.

Facts About Electrolysis - Known and Unknown

One of the First things that Christine wants to make clear is the Status of Electrolysis in the State of Texas. Not all states have a Licensing Department or Agency for Electrologist in their states. Texas is one such state. That is why you will see the logo CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) and the American Electrology Association (AEA) logo on their websites. The logo CPE means that the Electrologist has just taken a written test and has not had a Licensing Board govern how they work.


If you research "Electrolysis" today you will find the name Charles E. Michel MD behind the invention. Here is the true story: In the late 1800's a country doctor by the name of Dr. W.A. Hardaway had a very dear lady friend who owned a prized cow. Her cow was her pride and joy and much to her dismay was having a problem with one of her eyes. A beautiful long eyelash insisted to grow into her eye causing infections and eventually blindness. She asked her friend Dr. Hardaway for his help with her dilemma. After not having any success with just removing the eyelash he knew it would take stronger measures to take care of the eyelash problem. He decided to try what he was hearing about electrolysis in general, to the problem at hand. He used a fine wire attached to a battery, inserted into the eyelash follicle in the hopes that it would destroy the hair growth center - know as the papilla. Within several treatments the eyelash was no more a problem for the cow or his friend. He was encouraged to put his findings on paper and to present them to the Medical Association of the day. After documenting his findings he was just too shy to do the presentation himself. This is where the problem of who invented Electrolysis enters. To Dr. Hardaway's dismay, Dr. Michel who Dr. Hardaway considered a dear friend and colleague, agreed to present the paper for him, but he turned out to be a "thief" of information. The young and devious doctor did present the paper but used his name as the inventor instead of the real one. So to today most think Dr. Michel was the inventor, not the REAL INVENTOR - DR. W.A. HARDAWAY MD. This is not the first time something like this has occurred then and over the years, however on my website, I want the truth to be know, as you will see when you visit my office.


Electrolysis is used for many different things. In many different industries. It is a very basic but important process used to extract hydrogen from water. But we are just going to deal with it for the purpose of removing unwanted hair. Applying Electrolysis within the follicle containing a hair, changes the salt and water within the follicle to a form of lye which over time weakens the papilla, the hair growth center and destroys the hair. Electrolysis method is a slow working method and is now generally used along with Thermolysis to intensify the destruction to the papilla more quickly. This combination is call the Blend method.


Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. So this defiantly depends on each person receiving the treatment. But yes you will always feel it working. DO NOT let any Electrologist tell you that their new and computerized and fancy looking machine is PAINLESS!!!! If it is painless the treatment is WORTHLESS and you just paid a lot of money for nothing!


This is not a over night process!! Plus our hair grows in cycles of 10 months. 1Growing,2Dying,3Sloughing. I have a PDF (coming soon) that can be downloaded for free on the website that is fantastic and totally explains the entire process.


Yes - If you believe in the placebo effect! Christine's clients agree with her. Pain relieving creams are formulated to work on the mucous area of the body, not to penetrate the layers of the skin.