ELECTROLYSIS TRAINING In the mid 1970's Christine Mayes attended the "California College Of Electrology and Thermology" in Modesto, Ca. She had the privilege to be trained by the owner and renowned Mrs Rose Mineni. At the time there were only two collages of Electrology and Thermology in the state of California. Mrs. Mineni was well known for her determination to educate those who attended her college to be highly professional and to uphold the standards of the profession. She believed that completion raised the standards of the profession that she loved so much, and always encouraged her students to always welcome it. Her words " It will always make you more professional and keep you on your toes" were words her students would never forget! Mrs. Rose Mineni was the editor of the "International Journal of Electrolysis" for many years and was also known for the many Electrolysis instruments that she brought to the profession. Her college's and students alike were saddened to hear of her passing at the age of 92, on May 27, 2014. She along with her wisdom will be greatly missed, both as a upstanding person and for the standards she set for our Profession. 

Christine owned and operated the Electrolysis and Skin Therapy Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA for over 10 years before moving to Texas.

Christine is a Paramedical Skin Therapist.  She received her training in classes designed for estheticians by Dr. James Fulton, a leading Dermatologist in the field of Acne, at Newport Beach, California.  In these classes in the early 1980's she was taught Dr. Fulton's belief that the acne prone person should and could be treated in the office of a medically trained trained esthetician.

At an early age, Christine observed that her skin reacted differently from the skin of her friends to everything from skin care products to being out in the sun.  The medical information she received only served to drive her obsession with the body's largest organ, our skin.  This early interest and obsession, along with her paramedical training, all of the medical articles she has studied, and her years of experience with clients, has built her strong beliefs that you will find behind this company.

Her Passions

Besides changing peoples lives through Electrolysis her other passions are teaching her clients how to care for their skin, helping people with Acne Prone skin and bringing skin to a healthy state. You can find her book on Acne Prone skin "It's More Than Just A Zit" at Peoples Pharmacy on North Lamar in Austin, TX.